How to Look for a Studio Apartment in Singapore

If you have never lived in Singapore before, you may find it difficult to search for housing in the city-state. The island nation, which is both a city and country, is situated in Southeast Asia, just off the southern tip of Malaysia. To make your search easier, visit a real estate platform on the web that can help you in a housing search.

Establish a Rental Budget

Naturally, if you are looking, for instance, for a studio apartment, you must think about how much you can allocate for your rental expenses. Is the lease your own or will your company be paying for the rental? Decide on the maximum rental amount. Make sure you allow for some flexibility. Don’t get stuck in the type of situation where you cannot find a place because of a limited budget. After all, you want to like the apartment or area where you live.


When you establish a budget, you can short-list your choices and find out which apartments best suit your preferences. If you allow £4,000 per month for a rental, for example, you can rent an apartment that is about 300 square meters in size. It may be larger, depending on the district. If your budget is around £12,000 per month, you can lease a spacious apartment home that features such amenities as tennis courts, a swimming pool or a gym.

Looking at the Location

Naturally, in a search for studio apartments in Singapore, the location of the neighbourhood, as it is for all apartments, is an important consideration. The location determines the conveniences you will regularly experience. You should choose a location then where you are close to work or to school and to recreational amenities and shopping.

Do you have certain preferences with respect to facilities? Apartments feature such fitness amenities as basketball courts, tennis courts, lap pools, or Jacuzzis. Do you need to be close to a supermarket or library? These are some of the things you need to review when searching for Singapore housing.

World-Class Sites and Attractions

Fortunately, Singapore is one island that features world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment. Although the island is comprised of a small land area, sub-markets have developed over time due to location. For instance, the residential districts of Holland Road, Orchard Road, Bukit Timah, and the Tanglin district are considered a local market inside the residential market of Singapore. Orchard Road has been deemed a prime location for anyone seeking retail space whilst Raffles Place is normally regarded as a prime location for office space.

East Coast Park

Most locals regard East Coast Park as a popular play area as the location is home to such activities as windsurfing, bowling, cycling, roller-blading, canoeing, and sailboarding. Picnics are also regularly held at the location. Other leisure sites and attractions include the Laguna Golf Course and the East Coast Tennis Centre. Eating outlets are featured around the vicinity of the park too.

You can also drop in at one of ten seafood restaurants along the east coast beach. Needless to say, you will be spoilt for a choice. EastCoast apartments and residences take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Regardless of your choice, begin by searching online and make a decision from there.


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